Sayaka Osaki (b.1982)

Being featured in the journal Yuriika (Eureka) as one of the newest, rising stars of the Japanese poetic world in 2011, her 2nd collection of poetry “Yubisasukotoga dekinai (Pointing Impossible)” was awarded 19th Chuya-Nakahara Prize in 2014. The features of her works are known for the use of ordinary words and the myth-like vision of the world. In 2016 her first book for children “Hey leaf, where is your home?” was published.  She also keeps producing diverse collaborative creation with other artists such as dancers, musicians, contemporary artists, and other poets, with her sense and body of “noisy animal”.

She was invited to international poetry festivals in Lethuania (2015) and Ecuador (2017), and also to young writers meeting during the annual book fair in Cuba (2018). Some of her poems are translated into English, Spanish and Lithuanian.

Language is the first disaster that humanity experiences. Language is the violence that we, as people, continue to experience every day.  We experience this disaster, this violence, and, still babies, begin to speak, unable to keep quiet.  They repeat somebody’s words just as they are, reproducing the form of someone else’s experience with disaster.  As a result, I do not know where “this disaster” begins, nor where it ends.—Author’s note. 

Being Featured in

Poetry International (English) *with Introduction by Yasuhiro Yotsumoto


Two Lines 29 (English)
Tokyo Poetry Journal Vol.4 (English)
Words Without Borders March 2012 (English)
El HUMO (Spanish)